Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bike Day

Every year Peter's preschool has bike day. All the kids bring bikes (or scooters or whatever) and helmets and the ride around the parking lot. It is lots of fun and the kids love it. The only problem was that they had it on a Wednesday which happens to be the only day that Collin doesn't have preschool. We also only have the one helmet. So when we went and all the other kids were riding bikes Collin went ballistic. Fortunately it is an excellent school with flexible caring staff and they let Collin use a school tricycles and helmets. He had a great time trying to get has little brother to "go faster!".


Camille said...

What a fun day for kids! That's so much better than the "movie/popcorn" days that most kids have at the end of the year. (Although, as a teacher, I completely understand those days as well.)

Sorry about the IEP meeting. I think school teachers and administrators can lose sight of what happens to a child as soon as they leave a classroom. Hopefully there is a loophole or some persuading can be done.