Monday, October 27, 2008

I Have Been Baking

This time of year makes me want to bake. Even though it isn't cold I still like the smell of banana bread in my kitchen. However, while I do make good banana bread (my biscotti was good last year too) I should probably not be allowed to use my oven for anything else.

I have been trying to learn to make bread. My first loaf a few weeks ago was kneaded by hand after I almost broke my mixer with the lump of dough that never did "window pane". It turned out with a good flavor but was very very dense.

My second try was the dutch oven method where you let the dough rise overnight and don't knead it at all. This was really easy and the finished bread was very pretty with nice big holes inside. Unfortunately it was sticky inside. So much so that it was difficult to cut.

Last year I bought these fabulous leaf cookie cutters in the after thanksgiving sales. I was very excited to practice for thanksgiving, try a new crust recipe and make a beautiful, crisco free pie. The pie is beautiful don't you think? Unfortunately the crust is hard and slightly crunchy and my apples were dry and also slightly crunchy. So, if anyone has a good crust recipe that doesn't involve crisco I would love to have it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Own Private Air Show

Every year there is an air show in our area. It just so happens that a lot of it takes place in the skies above our house. In past years I have vowed to go away for the weekend because it is so loud and annoying but this year the boys and I enjoyed watching the planes from the back yard.

For a panoramic view we climbed up our swing set to watch. Here is Collin and Bunny.
Peter is a bit exited and I think a little scared.

Preschool Open House

We went to Peter's preschool open house/ice cream party. Here is Des and the boys playing in one of the classrooms.