Monday, July 27, 2009

Collin is 6!

Collin turned six right after we moved so we had a few little parties for him. He was disappointed that he didn't have lots of kids over but we will try to do better next year.

Happy Birthday Collin!

More pictures

While I have been in class Des and the boys have been getting to know the area:


Yes, I am aware that I haven't posted in a really long time. With the whole moving and starting nursing school thing I have been a little busy.

So, a little catch up.

First, I have the best parents that ever lived. My mom came out to help us move - a couple of days earlier than planned when she heard about the hives that covered my body from the stress of it all. This really happened, as we loaded the truck Collin fell asleep (for the night) on our big pile of boxes.

Mom and Bonnema helped pack and load the truck and then they both drove my kids to Grandmama's house while Des and I drove the truck across the country. While we drove 700 miles a day this is what my kids did:

Once we got everything settled in my Mom and Dad flew the kids out here and stayed for a week. It was really the best transition I could have hoped for for the boys. It is very different here but we are liking our new place and have made some new friends.