Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My cousin Wendy came to town and I got to see her and her cute family!


Here is my obligatory "look at my cute kids on Halloween" post, almost a month late. Peter was an elephant like last year but without the cape. Peter wanted to be spiderman, and then he changed his mind and wanted to be a crow (with wings). I convinced him that he actually wanted to be batman because we already have a batman costume.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I will say it up front: there are no pictures of costumed kids in this post. They are still on my camera and I will get to it. Eventually.

Collin just gave me a snickers bar and I gave him a tissue. Des bought Collin a little white board and he has been having a grand time writing on it and wiping it off with a tissue.

The problem is that he will only use a tissue once to wipe off his little board. He then crumples up the tissue throws it in his little garbage can. Every two or three tissues he takes his garbage can and dumps it in the kitchen garbage. Then he wants another tissue. I tried to convince him that the tissue could be used more than once. No go. I offered him a washcloth. After one use it was in the hamper.

So I decided to start charging him. One piece of Halloween candy per tissue. Either he will stop wasting tissues or he will run out of candy. Either way I win.

Tonight all uneaten candy is going in the trash. Candy is gross but it makes good money for a five year old!