Saturday, April 26, 2008

Latest quilt

My friend Lani is having a little boy next month. Here is the baby quilt I made for her. The fabric is "Baby Toile" and it is really fun. My favorite part of quilting is actually buying fabric. I have a little fabric buying addiction so I am happy to say that although I gave this quilt away I still have these fabrics in pink and green. Is anyone having a little girl? I need to use up that fabric so that I can buy more!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Pet Moth

A few weeks ago Collin found a caterpillar. I put it in a jar for him and we watched it while it made a little cocoon. Then yesterday night I looked in the jar and there was a moth! Collin was convinced that it was a butterfly because obviously that is what caterpillars turn into. He decided that we should let it go outside so that it could fly home. Here is the moth right before it flew away into the night.

Jen visits!

My friend Jennifer surprised us and stopped by with her adorable children. The boys had a great time playing together and I got my baby fix. Thanks Jen!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Collin cleans

Yesterday when the boys were watching Nemo Collin decided that the TV was dirty and needed cleaning. I was pleased when he got a tissue, put some water on it and started wiping off the TV screen. I was less pleased when I saw the huge puddle of water below the TV as he continued to "clean" the TV. I declared that it was quite clean enough and that there would be no more water on the TV and went to do the dishes.

I returned a few minutes later to find him at it again but this time he was using milk. That's right, the new thing in cleaning is milk. It was everywhere. All over the furniture, the floor and the kids. Just another day at the office.

Collin's Surgery

Collin had his little surgery last week. He got tubes in his ears and his adenoids out. He was really good for the surgery and it went so well. It only took fifteen minutes and he is doing so much better. He is listening more and doing better at school!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Little Luxuries

I had friends who questioned my sanity when shortly after renting this house I started digging big holes and planting roses.

"Why do so much planting when it isn't your house?"

This is why:

I live here now. Even if it is only for a few years fresh herbs and flowers from my garden make me happy. Surely everyone is allowed some of life's little luxuries.

Day in the Park

A few days ago I went to a local park with my boys and my friend Sydney and her daughter. It was a bit stressful with Collin running away at every opportunity but the kids had loads of fun playing on this sculpture.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Today Bonnema and I took the boys to the Botanical Gardens. Here they are on a bench, I think the boys sat for less than 30 seconds.
There was a beautiful waterfall.

There was a lookout tower.

There was a bamboo forest that the boys had loads of fun paying in.

I put these sunglasses on Collin to get him out the door and he refused to take them off!

There was a children's garden with lots of fun things for kids to do. Here is Peter with a dinosaur in the dinosaur garden (full of plants that grew when the dinosaurs lived).

Peter at the Zoo

Peter's preschool class went on a field trip to the zoo. My little boy who loves animals was apparently afraid of all the animals in the children's zoo but managed to have a good time anyway.