Friday, September 19, 2008

Time to start watching the Food Network again

I have lost my will to cook. I think I am a decent cook, there are things I know how to make that turn out well. I love eating and I love food. But lately I have been out of ideas and willpower. My kids don’t like food. Mexican food = plain tortillas, Italian = plain pasta (Collin will eat alfredo sauce). Des and I have very different tastes, in the past I would make two separate casseroles with slightly different ingredients for each of us. I was the only one who ate the leftovers.

It isn’t that I haven’t tried; I made a list of all the dishes I normally cook and planned weekly menus. Now I look at the list and despair. My kids will only eat a couple things on the list and a week of mac and cheese can make you crazy.

What do people feed their kids? I have heard rumors of kids that eat real food, vegetables and all but I have no experience with it myself. Should I embrace “kid food” and feed them horrible non nutritious over processed junk like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, french fries, jello and whatever else kids universally eat? Or should I insist they eat what I eat and send them to bed hungry until they comply?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Collin's First Soccer Game

My mom got Collin onto a little soccer team. At first it was really rough but it is getting better. He has a hard time concentrating and doesn't really understand the rules of the game but he has a good time running around.

First Day of School

Collin had his first day of kindergarten last week. He is doing really well. We had a few little problems but so far so good! Here is Collin on his way out the door:

I also started school again. Des is watching the boys on the nights that I am gone. I have no memory of this so this must be what happens when I am gone!


In place of an actual vacation we went down to the harbor and went on some big boats. The boys had lots of fun.

We went on a big submarine. It was not quite as big on the inside, I can't even imagine what it would have been like to live on there.