Friday, January 30, 2009

New Quilts

I made a few quilts last week.

This is a baby quilt for my friend Melissa:
This is a baby quilt for Meggen
and a doll quilt for her older sister.
This is a quilt for bunny because Collin decided that he needed one too.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Year

My beautiful sister came home with us for New Year's. We went to the beach which was a nice change from the snow.
We told the boys to push this rock into the ocean and they tried really hard!


This year for Christmas we visited my parents and almost all of my siblings. While we were there we did all of my mom's traditional Christmas activities. Here are the boys bundled up for either caroling or ring and run (dropping cookies at friend's houses).

Did I mention that it snowed a lot while we were there? It was also really cold. Here are the boys outside playing in the snow. Collin really enjoyed the snow, to the point that he would put on shoes and go straight out without a coat.
We got some family pictures done at Kai and Stephanie's new house (which is really beautiful and sparkly and new) both for the change of scenery and because my mom refused do it at her house because her Christmas tree was dead.

This is just a random picture of Collin and Peter, I am not sure what they are doing. Perhaps drying their socks?

Kai and Stephanie gave Collin an afternoon at a climbing wall for Christmas. It was a great gift and he had a blast. He climbed all the way up the wall fearlessly and only stopped when his arms got tired.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We went to my Aunt's house for thanksgiving this year. All my cooking practice paid off and my sister and I made some amazing pies. I used Tanya's crust and the Grandma Opal filling from Allrecipes. They were beautiful and tasty. I also made two pumpkin cheesecakes. They were really, really good. I used Amanda's fabulous pumpkin cheesecake recipe.
After dinner Collin put all the chairs away, occasionally demanding that the occupant get up so that he could have their chair. He then stacked them all against the wall.

Good-bye Laptop!

My laptop is dying. It has been refusing to turn on (90% of the time) for the last month or so. In an attempt to revive it Des backed up everything and reinstalled windows etc. So anyway, that didn't work and this is the main reason that I haven't posted to my blog or sent Christmas cards ( I was planning on doing new year's cards anyway but I don't think my address book got backed up). This weekend we are sending it back to get fixed.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.