Saturday, January 17, 2009


This year for Christmas we visited my parents and almost all of my siblings. While we were there we did all of my mom's traditional Christmas activities. Here are the boys bundled up for either caroling or ring and run (dropping cookies at friend's houses).

Did I mention that it snowed a lot while we were there? It was also really cold. Here are the boys outside playing in the snow. Collin really enjoyed the snow, to the point that he would put on shoes and go straight out without a coat.
We got some family pictures done at Kai and Stephanie's new house (which is really beautiful and sparkly and new) both for the change of scenery and because my mom refused do it at her house because her Christmas tree was dead.

This is just a random picture of Collin and Peter, I am not sure what they are doing. Perhaps drying their socks?

Kai and Stephanie gave Collin an afternoon at a climbing wall for Christmas. It was a great gift and he had a blast. He climbed all the way up the wall fearlessly and only stopped when his arms got tired.


Christine said...

Wow, go Collin with that climbing wall! I'm so impressed. And what a totally thoughtful present for them to give him.

Also I'm verrrrrry impressed with the pies in the previous entry. Did you use a springform pan for that cheesecake? I gotta get me one of those.