Friday, July 18, 2008

Fence Sitting

My little monkey children have decided that their new favorite thing is to climb up our gate and sit at the top, look at the garbage bins, and yell things at people walking past the house.

This is a problem. Not only does it drive my neighbors crazy it is unsafe in so many ways. The worst part is that I caught Collin actually climbing OVER the fence a few days ago. Really, once you get to the top what is the harm in putting your feet on the other side? We are already having trouble keeping him inside since he decided that he could open the front door (and the extra locks I put on it) and go outside by himself at 6am. Also, do you see Peter up there? He has never climbed like Collin but apparently he is a quick study!

I thought perhaps I would blog for advice but as fate would have it our behavior modification consult has finally come through. I have had a school psychologist at my house twice (!) this week making little signs, narratives, and reward charts. We are working specifically on this new safety issue and techniques for me to manage it. Hopefully when we lick this we can focus on all the other inappropriate things that led me to get the consult in the first place!