Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I did actually manage to get my clothes line put in. Here it is with three, yes three, loads of laundry on it (and line to spare!). It is really fabulous and it even spins around so I don't even have to move my basket when I hang my laundry.

Here is the thing though. It took a long time to dig the hole and five batches of concrete to fill it. The concrete part took an extra long time because it is really hard to stir concrete in a bucket with a stick. So a few days later my back still looks like this:

Honestly, we put sunblock on our arms and face and wear a hat but how many of us think to put sunblock on our backs where our shirt comes up a little when we bend over? Not me apparently. So my advice about digging holes and pouring concrete: put sunblock on your lower back and butt before you start because I haven't been burnt this bad since high school and it hurts.

So to take that last image out of your mind here are some pictures of my really cute kids.


Camille said...

Ouch! I remember sunburns like that in high school. Being in Flagstaff now, we think we are immune from the sun since it's only 80 most days. Unfortunately, we've already been sunburned (luckily not Trevor).
Des looks very distinguished in his birthday picture!

Sierra said...

how cute are those boys? I need to see them!!! you are so good at saving electricity... someday maybe...

Monica and Family said...

Great job on the clothes line. It looks awesome. Let us know how the job search is going. Luckily, Des has skills that are in demand around here with all the Pharma companies around. we are hoping the best job ever for your family.!!